Not all books can be found at the same library in Belize. Therefore, we have included a library code at the end of each bibliographical reference where possible.

UB - University of Belize Library
BA - Belize Archives department
NLS - National Library Service
TMCC - Toledo Maya Cultural Council

Armes, Christopher J.“TheProcess of Mopan Maya Ethnicity.” In CSA/Belize School for International Training. : Spring, 1995 (31 pages) (BA)


Cayetano, Sebastian.“TheMopan/Kekchi of Belize: Some Teaching Notes of Sebastian Cayetano.”Belize: 1986. (38 pages) (UB) (BA)
(Origin, food, and its preparation, spoken and written aspects of the Ketchi and Mopan Maya language, traditional arts and crafts work, religion, Christianity, Music, Dances, and Festivals of the Southern Maya Local Government, and contributors to the Maya Government)


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